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The Buea Hope Center

As a first step towards setting up a health/medical services facility to serve the poor and continue to provide year-round medical and spiritual outreach in Buea, Cameroon, in 2010 HOIM rented a 7-bedroom/5½-bath residential building, which is now known as the Buea Hope Center. We started small, observed growth and progress, and at the end of 2010 we determined how best to proceed. Dr. Alphonse Tchami – HOIM’s medical expert in Cameroon – and Dr. Jonathan Young, who serves on HOIM’s Board of Directors, are heading this endeavor.  

Dr. Tchami recruited a local team to serve at the Buea Hope Center, comprising of medical professionals who had served with HOIM on medical missions over the past several years. Alongside the medical unit, the same facility also houses a library and two rooms for personal retreats. These rooms will provide much needed study and rest space for church leaders within the nation of Cameroon. 

The Buea Hope Center opened its doors to the public on Wednesday, April 28, 2010. Today, the Center is catering to the medical and spiritual needs of over 100 people in Buea each month, offering medical assistance and Christian resources designed to promote the holistic development of the people we serve. Please join us in praying for God’s wisdom and guidance as we proceed with this endeavor by faith.

This billboard stands outside the building that houses the Buea Hope Center.

The Buea Hope Center